Patient Testimonials

I love Dr. Healy! I’ve been going to his office for as long as I can remember – probably for as long as I’ve had teeth. My whole family has gone to Dr. Healy for many years. He is really nice and very skilled and knowledgeable, and so are all his hygenists. They are also great at helping young kids feel comfortable (even if they have to get a shot). I have always felt confident with the treatment and advice I’ve gotten from him (I wish I could say the same for some of my other family physicians….).

I’m moving to Colorado for grad school in a couple of weeks, but I am going to come back to Dr. Healy for my dental appointments on school breaks.

Dr Healy is an amazingly skilled and thorough dentist. His hygenists are also terrific. The team always explains what they are doing, what they are watching and when you need to take care of something. He told me for instance to wait a bit to get a crown since I was unemployed and told me I could do it in 6 to 8 months. So he is human too and aware of his patients’ budgets. He is also a family man with 3 adorable children and an Olympic athlete (sailor).

Dr. Healy is an excellent dentist.

Most of my family go to Dr. Healy for all their dental needs.

His staff are totally nice and each time I visit, it is pleasant. Honestly out of all the doctors I need to visit in one year, my least favorite is going to see the dentist. I have some phobias when it comes to dentistry and my teeth! I’m sure a lot of people can relate… Dr. Healy makes it worth going though… he is really nice & explains everything thoroughly.

Wow, I just had a cavity filled by Dr. Healy and am so pleased I chose him as my dentist. I recently moved to the Bay area from Colorado and I was anxious about finding a new dentist. After reading some of the other reviews on Yelp, I decided to give his office a try. I’m so pleased I did. Dr. Healy really took the time to explain what’s going on with my teeth and after a few minutes in his office, I actually felt comfortable with what needed to be done. His staff is fantastic. I highly recommend him and his office. Five stars.

Have been going to Dr. Healy for 20 years approximately and have always been treated with competence, friendliness, and attention to my comfort. Just had a bridge replaced with added veneers and am thrilled with the outcome. They are very helpful with insurance billing matters as well. Also, they will watch teeth until they really need work instead of rushing into it when not necessary yet. Best dentist ever!